Are You a BMW Fan? We Have Some Vehicles Just For You!

eCarOne offers all types of cars, including pre-owned BMW vehicles and more.

2001 BMW 3 series pre-owned

This 2001 BMW 3 Series is just one of the high quality pre-owned luxury vehicles available!

eCarOne knows that customers look for more than just sedan vehicles and look for luxury vehicles like the premium BMW brand. Are you interested in driving away in a high quality pre-owned BMW luxury vehicle? Good, we have plenty for you to choose from, right here, in one place. Who knows what you’ll find.

Looking for pre-owned BMW luxury vehicles that have the latest and greatest in new BMW technology? We got it.

Want to find the highest quality vehicles at our dealership, which serves Carrollton, Texas? We have them.

What about specials we’re running? Yup. We have those too!

Anything you could want in a pre-owned vehicle, we can offer it to you from our lot or help you find it once it comes in. Plus, our staff is standing by to answer your questions and help you decide which pre-owned BMW model will fit you best.

Here at eCarOne, we are ready to give you what you are looking for to fit your budget! Never mind what we already offer you in pre-owned specials and inventory!

What Makes eCarOne Different? A Lot!

eCarOne works hard every day to make sure its customers come to its dealership and find what they want while leaving completely satisfied.

eCarOne shows customers what makes it different, every day.

eCarOne shows customers what makes it different, every day.

You may visit a dealership and wonder what it is that makes it different than the other one down the block. Knowing more about your dealership is the difference between a good experience or a great one. eCarOne works hard to set itself apart from the rest of the pack by doing simple things beautifully.

So, what is the eCarOne Difference?

  • No-Haggle Wholesale Prices
  • Best Rate Financing
  • 100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Highest Quality Vehicles
  • Lifetime Clean Title Guarantee
  • Free Full Vehicle History Report

Should we go on? We could, but we think you see what it is that eCarOne can offer you as a customer. Never mind the great inventory, the knowledgeable staff, and the incredible selection that we offer too.

eCarOne knows that customers like you need more than just a dealership to buy a car, you need to trust the staff and find what you want from a vehicle. We make sure that your experience is amazing from the moment you step onto our lot until you leave.

We invite you to visit our dealership in Carrollton, Texas and see for yourself exactly what eCarOne has to off.

Schedule a Test Drive with eCarOne Online!

eCarOne makes it easy for customers to schedule a test drive by giving them the option to do it online with the click of a mouse.

schedule a test drive at ecarone

Visit eCarOne now…after you schedule your test drive online.

When customers start their shopping for a new car, they often start by searching online. Once you have found which vehicle you want, the next step is going to the dealership and enjoying a test drive. eCarOne makes this part very simple just like the rest of the car buying experience that you will have at its dealership.

By visiting online, all you need to do is answer a few simple questions so the dealership can get more information about the vehicle you want or to know that you don’t have a vehicle in mind. That way, we know exactly what stage of the process you are in.

Once the questions are answered, you will add your contact information. Then you will get to pick the day you want to come visit us as well as the time. After that, all you need to do is come to our dealership for your appointment.

Making it easier for you is something that makes us happy so please feel free to schedule a test drive online or stop in whenever you are available!

Visit Dallas, Texas

Thinking of your next getaway?  Make your next vacation to Dallas, Texas.  The city of Dallas, and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer.  Below are just a few of the highlights of the great city of Dallas

Malls/ Shopping:  Northpark Mall and the Galleria are a few of the fantastic malls in the Dallas area.  Filled with high end stores and great restaurants, the malls will keep you entertained for hours. 

Sports Teams: Catch a professional sporting event.  You can choose baseball and go see the Texas Rangers, basketball with the Dallas Mavericks, or make your way to Jerry’s World to watch the Dallas Cowboys play some football.

Ross Perot Museum: You can visit the brand new Perot Museum of Nature and Science in downtown Dallas.  The museum is said to be a ‘world of wonder’ by the Dallas Morning News. 

Dallas Aquarium: Make your way through the rainforest, marine life, and much more.  You will see exotic birds, penguins, sharks, and other amazing animals. 

Dallas Arboretum:  Year round the arboretum is a beautiful display of each season.   You will see gorgeous flowers, old architecture, and more. 

As you can see there is much to do in Dallas.  While you are here visit eCarOne and take a look at some of our luxury used cars.  We sell luxury used cars to customers all over the country.  Check us out today and let us get you in a luxury used car to cruise around the Dallas nightlife. 

oil leaks

Is your garage floor covered in oil stains?   Are your engine fluids always running low?  There is a chance you have an oil leak, and it is important that you figure out where it is coming from so you can prevent anymore damage.

In order to find the leak, you need to determine what oil or fluid is actually leaking.  Below is a list of the different types of fluids found in your engine and their color:

  • Engine oil – brown/blackish brown
  • Transmission fluid or ATF – red/reddish brown
  • Brake fluid – deep red/pale red/brown depending on the type of brake fluid used.
  • Engine and radiator coolant – blue/yellow depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

If you are not able or willing to visit a service shop close by you can find your own oil leak.  All you need is a flashlight and a cotton rag or cloth.  Follow the steps below and you can determine the cause of your leak.

Step 1: Start the engine and open the hood. Let the vehicle idle for a couple of minutes, or until the temperature gauge reaches the normal level.

Step 2: Move the vehicle to a different spot in the garage. You can either reverse the vehicle or park in a different spot so you can see the drip stains on the garage floor.

Step 3: Let the car idle while you inspect the oil leaks on the floor. It is at this point that you can easily distinguish the type of leak. If the stain is blackish or brownish in color, then your car might have an engine oil leak. If the stain has a reddish color, then the leak may come from the automatic transmission of your vehicle.

Step 4: If the stain has a watery consistency coupled with a yellowish or bluish hue, you should check your radiator along with the engine coolant hoses of your engine. Remember that engine coolant is not supposed to leak. You should also check the temperature gauge on your dashboard, and see if your vehicle is overheating.

Step 5: Wipe the floor stain with a cotton rag to confirm the color, smell, and consistency of the stain. Use a flashlight to visually inspect the location of the leak on your car engine.

Step 6: Now that you know the cause of the leak, you should call your mechanic or service center and make an appointment. Any type of oil leak or engine leak should be repaired immediately.

If you have a leak and have questions we would love to help answer your questions at eCarOne in Carrollton.  Our sales team is highly trained and excited to work with car buyers and car owners like you. 

Calling All Women

Stereotypically many people think that the automobile industry is primarily for men.  But lets be honest, we all drive cars and it is important to both men and women to have a reliable, trustworthy vehicle at a fair price. 

At eCarOne, in Carrollton, Marc Rhima went the extra mile to learn the best way to meet the needs of women buyers.  He officially completed WomenCertified® training and is qualified to successfully provide excellent service to women. 

Statistics show that 83% of all consumer purchases are made by women, this makes them the primary customer in most industries, so WomenCertified helps equip sales professionals to meet the needs of female shoppers.   In order to get certified Marc Rhima had to complete a series of intensive training modules that expressed the communication and customer service skills that proved most effective among women. 

Delia Passi, developer of WomenCertified, said “Marc Rhima and the sales and service professionals who become WomenCertified are now part of a growing group who are raising the bar in providing the best customer service experience to women. Studies show that Americans are growing less satisfied with the levels of customer service they receive, and WomenCertified is working to reverse that trend. It’s a win-win opportunity for companies and consumers.”

Women in the Dallas area visit eCarOne to work with Marc and receive the service and communication every woman needs.  Along with our excellent service are excellent luxury used cars.  Let’s set up a test drive today. 

Follow @ecar1 on Twitter.


Our world is connected via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook with millions of users worldwide.  Twitter is completely free and a great way to get information out to a large number of people. Twitter is more than just a place to vent your thoughts and indirectly chat with your contacts. Twitter is a great tool for getting news, keeping up with current events, finding quick answers to questions and much more.  Below are a few ways Twitter can be effectively used:

Twitter as a News Feed

By setting up RSS feeds, you can stay updated on current events, breaking news, sports and more. The Twitter network is enormous so you can set up your feed to include any topics, companies, or people that interest you.

Virtual Interaction

Hanging with friends and family is great, but we all have days where we’d rather watch Monday Night Football on our own couch without the added crowd. Twitter allows you to discuss the score, bad calls, and great plays virtually.  This can make your experience enjoyable without the need to entertain.

Find Answers

Depending on the number of followers you have, you can post your questions and receive feedback almost instantly.  If you can’t decide which vehicle model to purchase, you can reach out to your followers and get feedback from other people’s personal experiences.

These are just a few ways Twitter is used – there are many more.  You can get started by going to and signing up for a free account.  There you can create a username and edit your profile – try to pick an easy-to-find username so your friends and followers don’t have trouble finding you! Once you get started follow @ecar1 to keep up with our automotive tips, news and sales at eCarOne in Carrollton, Texas.      

eCarOne offers eValue Bargains

eCarOne - eValue Bargain Inventory

Are you looking for a vehicle that provides performance, handling, style, and luxury?  At eCarOne in Carrollton, Texas we can offer you pre-owned versions of the world’s finest vehicles.  We are known in the Dallas area for having luxury used vehicles that can’t be beat. 

At eCarOne we receive trade-in vehicles that don’t necessarily meet the requirements of an eCarOne car.  They may be a little too old or have too many miles.  These cars are still great cars and we have decided to make them available to the perfect buyers.  We call these eValue Bargains

These vehicles are available at bargain prices, the same numbers quoted to wholesale dealers.  All of these vehicles are sold as-is, but you do receive a free 3-month warranty plan and a full CARFAX History Report

You can view all of our eValue Bargain vehicles right here on our website.  We also have the ability to notify you immediately when a new eValue Bargain vehicle is added to our inventory.  Trades come in daily so our eValue inventory is updated constantly. 

You Aren’t Too Far Away.

International Vehicle Shipping eCarOne Carrollton, Texas

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, E-CarOne can get you the car you are looking for.  We proudly specialize in worldwide sales and delivery.  Our dealership is located in Carrollton, Texas but we pride ourselves in making the luxury used car buying process easy, regardless of your location.  Below are some frequently asked questions about International transactions:

How can I pay E-CarOne if I live in a different country?

For all international purchases, the only acceptable form of payment is through a bank wire transfer or cash. You can contact your E-CarOne sales representative for wiring information. 

Will E-CarOne provide me with all the documents I need for importation?

E-CarOne will provide all documents needed for importation of our vehicle to another country; however, it is the responsibility of the buyer to check with a customs agent in their country for any additional paperwork required. 

How will my documents and title be sent?

For international deliveries, the title will be sent with the car or delivered to the transporting company, unless instructed otherwise.

Can E-CarOne arrange shipping and will I need to hire a customs broker?

We can arrange all the shipping. If we arrange the transport then we will also hire a customs agent to assist with the importation.

How long will the process take?

For international purchase, the shipping time varies, depending on location, but you can expect at least 30 days until delivery.

At E-CarOne we have had vehicles successfully get to final destinations such as Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.  We use Horizon Auto because they have over 30 years experience in International ocean freight forwarding and customs brokerage.  Don’t let your location keep you from getting the luxury used car you need.  We would love for you to call us with any other questions you may have at 972-245-7777

Look What’s Coming!

At eCarOne in Carrollton, Texas we have a constant inflow of great vehicles coming to our lot.  Just because a vehicle is not on our lot doesn’t mean we don’t have it.  Our website is jam packed with fantastic information and news to keep you informed.  One great feature is our New Arrivals Tab.  This tab is our way of giving you a sneak peek at our newly acquired inventory

eCarOne sells numerous vehicles daily so the inventory is always changing and we have had requests from our customers to preview our entire inventory in real time.  So we have made it happen.  Now you don’t have to miss the car you have been looking for simply because it is on a truck being delivered to our dealership. 

All of the vehicles found on the new arrivals list come with all the vital information you need.  We have included photos, videos, detailed descriptions, and CARFAX information. There are two ways to stay informed.  You can visit our site and view the New Arrivals Tab at anytime to see our full listing, or you can sign up to be notified immediately when a new vehicle is added to the inventory.  You choose what works best for you.  When the used car of your dreams is added to our inventory get to our Carrollton dealership for a test drive.  We look forward to working with you.