eCarOne’s MyList Feature

eCarOne has just made car-shopping easier for you.  When scrolling through long lists of luxury used cars it is hard to keep track of the cars you like.  Our site now has a new MyList Feature that allows you to easily click on each used car that catches your eye.  When you find a vehicle that you are interested in just simply click on the green ‘Add to MyList’ under the vehicle image. 


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You can click on as many vehicles that you would like and we will keep track of your list along the left side of the screen.  If you decide one of the used cars isn’t what you are looking for you can easily‘Remove’ it from your list.  We have made it easy for you! Once you are done selecting your choice cars from eCarOne’s luxury used car’s website click ‘Compare’.


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We will take all of the vehicles in your list and provide you with your Vehicle Comparison Report.  This report will allow you to have all the information you need to compare the vehicles on an easy to print sheet. 


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Bring that sheet into our luxury used car dealership in Carrollton and we can set you up to test driveany vehicle or vehicles you see yourself in.

SL Bodywork Phone Application



The new 2013 Mercedes Benz SL is ‘athletic, aesthete with powerful engineering and muscular lines.’  The Mercedes carmakers want to allow the owners get their bodies looking sleek and sexy as well.  They are releasing a free application, along with the Mercedes Benz SL Roadster, called SL Bodywork.  The new SL Bodywork app will allow you to get your own body in perfect shape.  It creates a personalized program of strength, stamina, and balance exercises based on personal information like height, weight, and fitness level.  The new application is available for Apple and Android devices and will allow drivers to share their results through social media and earn badges for rewards when milestones are reached. 

Visit your local eCarOne dealership in Carrollton, Texas to test drive some luxury used Mercedesvehicles today.

The 2012 Toyota Camry



With each day bringing new advancements to the way we live and work, shouldn’t your car be advanced too? Meet the reinvented 2012 Toyota Camry, the car designed to fit you and your 21st century lifestyle. You’re no doubt familiar with Camry; it’s America’s best-selling car.  And over the past 25 years, it’s become the standard for quality. In fact, 90% of all Camrys sold in the last 15 years are still on the road. Camry is more luxurious, with a redesigned interior. It’s now available with new multimedia systems. And the Camry Hybrid LE now offers an estimated 43 city mpg. Quite simply, the 2012 Camry is what you’ve come to expect from this legendary sedan. The reinvented Camry is ready. Are you?

Enhanced Space

To help create Camry’s roomy environment, we sculpted the lower door panels to allow for more lateral knee room and reshaped the headlining for greater head room. The general sense of spaciousness, too, was enhanced by opening up the outside view. We engineered pillars that were more streamlined. Upper door surfaces and the top of the instrument panel were reshaped. Even the sun visors were repositioned to further open the forward view.

Crafted Quiet

Employing sound-imaging instruments, extensive tests were conducted to pinpoint areas where road and engine noise was entering the cabin. Additional sound-absorbing measures were then taken in those areas to help create Camry’s whisper-quiet ride.

Ready Versatility

To help you transport longer items, such as snow skis or that towering new floor lamp, Camry’s 60/40 split fold-down rear seat drops to create a handy pass-through to the voluminous trunk.

SE V6 Power

Right feet rejoice. The available 3.5-liter V6 DOHC 24-valve Dual VVT-i engine produces an impressive 268 horsepower and 248 lb.-ft. of torque, while still achieving an EPA-estimated 30 highway mpg rating. Paired with the 6-speed automatic transmission with sequential shift and paddle shifters, this powerplant delivers a driving experience that’s nothing short of exhilarating.

Sport Handling

Improving handling dynamics typically involves suspension components. But Camry’s impressive agility was also augmented by making the steering more responsive. To accomplish this, we not only increased the steering gear ratio, but also optimized the Electric Power Steering system for more sensitivity. Clearly, Camry turns more than just heads.

18-In. Alloy Wheels

Style your ride. Standard on the Camry SE V6, these sharp 18-in. alloy wheels offer sporty performance, not to mention sporty looks.


Things are looking up. Camry’s remarkable driving experience is made even more uplifting with an available power tilt/slide moonroof, complete with sliding sunshade.

eCarOne in Carrollton, Texas has a great lineup of luxury used cars including the used Toyota Camry.  Visit our dealership in Texas today and test drive a Toyota Camry and see for yourself what they

Keeping your Battery Alive

How often do you think about your car battery?  Once it goes out?  With all the different details we have to remember in life it is easy to let the upkeep of your car battery slip in the cracks.  In the AAAvideo below you see a few small tasks you can do to help care for your car battery to keep it running longer. 



At E-CarOne in Carrollton, Texas we have a team of trained professionals that can help you understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle, including battery care.  While you are at ourCarrollton dealership take a look at some of our great luxury used cars, like the used Acuraused BMW, and used Mercedes to name a few.  Auto Batteries: Battery Care

2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year – Volkswagen Passat

Each year Motor Trend chooses a Car of the Year and the award for 2012 went to Volkswagen’s Passat.  This year the vote was the closest it has been.  There are 10 judges who each put in their top three picks.  This year the vote was tied 5-5 between the Passat and the Chrysler 300.  It was still tied after the count of the second-place votes, and after the third-place votes the Passat snuck ahead.  When choosing the Car of the Year the judges look at advancement in design, engineering excellence, efficiency, safety, value, and performance of intended function.  In the video below Motor Trend’s editor-in-chief Angus MacKenzie explains why the Volkswagen Passat was chosen and 2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year.




Volkswagen puts out great vehicles every year.  You can get a lightly used Volkswagen Passat or other used Volkswagen vehicles at E-CarOne in Carrollton. We are always updating our inventory and are sure to have a vehicle that meets your needs.  In fact, we can also provide you with the runner up the used Chrysler 300.  Come to Carrollton, Texas and see us today.Volkswagen Passat Wins 2012 Motor Trend Car Of The Year!

Why Minivans Are Out and Crossovers Are In



Have you noticed lately that crossovers seem to have surpassed minivans on the road?  It seems families, women, and other drivers have changed their automobile of choice to the crossover.  InTexas, many families choose the crossover as their main point of transportation.  eCarOne inCarrollton, Texas has some great crossover vehicles like the Honda CRV.  Our dealership is known for its luxury vehicles and its competitive pricing.  There are many reasons the crossover has become more popular than the minivans like aesthetics, no sliding doors, and availability of all shapes and sizes.  You can read’s full article to see the top five reasons for the crossover popularity.

Need a friend? How about GasBuddy?



In today’s economy couponing, grouponing, and saving money is the rage.  One of our greatest expenses is gas.  Unfortunately it is hard to cut from the budget, unlike eating out or gym memberships.  Purchasing gas is necessary to get from one place to the next.  So how can we save money when it comes to filling up the tank?  The iPhone has come out with an application that can help you to research and find the best deal on gas – GasBuddy.  The GasBuddy application can be downloaded for iPhones as well as many other mobile devices.

The application is set up so that you can provide specific criteria, such as location and preferred grade and it will spit out a map to the location perfect for you based on what you find important – cost or proximity.  This is a perfect application to have when you are out and about in Carrollton and in need of a fill up.  Once you get your car gassed up for a great price you can head over to eCarOne and take a look at some of our luxury used cars.  We have some great fuel-efficient options as well at our eCarOne dealership in Carrollton, Texas.  Gas Buddy is only $2.99 – but when used correctly you can quickly get your money back plus more!

8 Smart Splurges for Your Car

Cars are expensive and can quickly lose their value.  There are a few items and add-ons you can do for your car that could be worth the expense.  At eCarOne in Carrollton we have luxury used cars that already include some of these upgrades.  Come see for yourself all the different luxury used vehicles we have available. 

Replacement Tires

While tires may all appear the same, they are the single most important things you can purchase to affect the safety, handling, and ride of your car.  In order to determine which tires are best for your car you will need to do some research.  Start by looking at top traction and temperature ratings – this will tell you how well the tires will stick to wet roads and run at high speed under a heavy load. 

Built-In Navigation Systems

Why spend money on a built-in navigation system when you have one on your cell phone?  Safety.  Not only does the built-in navigation allow you to keep your eyes on the road it also sometimes provides a screen for a backup camera, and a display to control your music and more. 

A Nicer Towel

No matter how you choose to wash your car, the drying cloth you choose to use can make a difference.  Using a microfiber cloth rather than your recycled bath towels can save time, laundry, and reduce the risk of scratching your paint.

Safety Options

Newer cars have government mandated safety features included but there are still many options that can improve your safety while driving.  A few examples are blind-spot information systems, collision advance systems, and high-intensity discharge xenon headlights.

Windshield Wiper Blades

New cars usually have ‘beam-type’ windshield wipers and spending a few extra dollars to upgrade will allow you a better view of the road and decrease the chance of the blade freezing up in the cold winter months.

Synthetic Oil

When getting your oil changed, choosing synthetic oil can help the driver who wants the best for their car and also the driver that can’t remember to get their oil changed on time.  The synthetic oil allows a margin of safety to avoid engine damage if you do go past your needed oil change.

Factory-Installed Sound Systems

Not too long ago factory-installed sound systems were not the way to go.  It could easily find better sound for less money.  Carmakers have improved their systems so by choosing the factory-installed system and splurging for higher-cost options to get the best sound.

Car Clubs

When you get a flat tire, lock your keys in your car, or run out of gas, your membership to a car club can buy you peace of mind.  Even if you never use the tow or roadside service, there are other benefits for discounts off the road too.

To get your luxury used car or see about getting some of these useful add-ons come out to eCarOnein Carrollton, Texas today.

The Infiniti QX56 at eCarOne in Carrollton, Texas



The luxury Infiniti SUV is known as the Infiniti QX.  This vehicle truly reflects the ‘bigger is better’ idea.  The QX56 has a V8 engine, excellent towing capabilities, and a comfortable cabin.  This is no ordinary SUV for the rugged outdoorsman the Infiniti QX56 provides luxury transportation to the rough terrain. 

You can easily fit a large group of 7-8 passengers comfortably in the QX56.  It would be the perfect choice for visiting any of the lakes in Texas while at the same time capable of pulling up to a upscale restaurant in downtown Dallas.  This SUV has it all and at eCarOne in Carrollton, Texas you can get your hands on a luxury used Infiniti QX56 today. 

Read in more detail about the Infiniti QX56 and come out to our Carrollton luxury used car dealership today.

Go Green with these Helpful Sites

green car


There are many ways to ‘go green’. Going green can help you to save money while making our world a better place. You can change out all your light bulbs to be more efficient.  You can install a low-flow shower head or take shorter showers to reduce your water use.  The list goes on and on.  ‘Driving green’ is another way to help the environment – but what exactly does ‘driving green’ mean?  eCarOnehas provided some helpful sites below that can get you started on your journey to ‘go green’.

At you can obtain 10 Green Driving Tips that can help keep money in your wallet. 

Learn to keep up your car’s appearance by washing your car the eco-friendly way from MSN Autos. 

Educate yourself on the most fuel-efficient cars of 2012. 

To speak to a sales guy at eCarOne to further discuss ‘driving green’ stop by our Carrollton dealership – we would love to visit with you.